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Deep Gum Disease - Portland Perio Implant Center

Deep Gum Disease: The Silent Danger

There is a wide range of health effects you can experience because of your teeth and deep gum disease, from diabetes to heart disease.
For Healthy Teeth Watch What You Eat - Portland Periodontist

For Healthy Teeth Watch What You Eat

For Healthy Teeth Watch What You Eat This Thanksgiving We are coming up on Thanksgiving week, meaning the food-centric holidays […]
Portlander Perio Implant Center patient with bleeding gums

Why Bleeding Gums Are A Big Deal

Do your gums bleed after brushing or flossing? Chances are you might have gum disease! Bleeding Gums & Gum Disease […]
Does Vaping Cause Cancer? - Top Portland Periodontist

Does Vaping Cause Oral Cancer?

Does Vaping cause oral cancer? Yes, probably. In this article Dr. Kamran Haghighat compares vaping to smoking and to chewing tobacco. See the results.
8 Simple Ways For Healthy Gums

8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Dr. Kamran Haghighat shares the common signs of gum disease and his 8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Gums Healthy. Make sure you check out number 4.
Your Kiss Begins With 80 Million Germs - by Dr. Kamran Haghighat

Your Kiss Begins With 80 Million Germs

One 10 second French kiss, transfers 80 million germs from one partner to the other. Learn the 6 infections and diseases you can get from kissing.

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